Treasure in the attic!

Ok, well, it’s not treasure, exactly…

But I did spend part of the Memorial Day weekend cleaning the attic. Unfortunately, when the house went into foreclosure, everything from the attic, letters, trunks and trunks of memorabilia, photographs, books, was sold or thrown out. I went to the estate sale, and I did buy a couple of small things. Needless to say I regret now that I didn’t buy more, or that I didn’t go through the piles and piles of trash as it sat on the curb waiting for the trucks to come.

I had no reason to expect anything at all to be left in the house.


This is the view, looking toward the front of the house, as you come up the attic stairs.

Looking slightly to the right as you come up the stairs.

Still looking toward the front of the house, but standing opposite the stairs.

Turning right upon coming up the stairs.


Now the attic is huge, as perhaps you can see. And upon moving in, I just put all the boxes I knew were going to be in the way up there. But the thing is, I can’t see what I have. All my art and framed photos, all my decorative objects have been in boxes for so long, I don’t remember what I have or how it will fit. So, during these last cool days before the summer heat begins, I unpacked the boxes and placed the items on the shelves in the cedar-lined storage room. The framed artwork I stacked neatly against the rafters. I made sure all the other items up there were neatly organized and placed in strategic location for easy finding later.

Cedar lined closet in the attic.

It was as I was vacuuming up the dust that I found it. A photograph. It’s not in very good condition, but I consider it a treasure anyway. Is it a member of the Day family, who owned the house since 1917? Or is it a remnant from the original family, who built the house in 1897? I’d like to know, and I hope to find out.

Of course this find made me hungry for others, so I went and got my flashlight.

And look what I found!

It’s a flashlight!

I also found a rather decrepit looking collar, ages old and moth eaten, but it’s kind of a fun find, nonetheless. At least I think so. Perhaps there’s other stuff somewhere, fallen behind mantles and whatnot. I don’t expect to find much else. It doesn’t mean I don’t hope to do, nevertheless.

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